Monday, July 15, 2013

Chapter 29: The YOLO Side of Chill

      By the end of the semester I was emotionally and mentally drained and it was probably the worst mental state I'd been in for the longest time. I knew I needed a break and had planned to just kick back and take this summer easy and regroup myself because I needed to get excited about flying out to Germany in September. However, this was not to be as I will explain how my chill plan turned into my own Summer of YOLO.
    After school got out I couldn't go back home right away because I still had a job in Lincoln that ended the first week in June. So I lived in a house full of crazy awesome cross-country people for three weeks. This is where I was introduced to the YOLO Summer idea. Every day you have to do something awesome, quirky, or just out of the ordinary to count as a "YOLO." While I lived there my roommates embarked on 20 mile bike rides after having just donated plasma, going for a 5 mile run during a tornado warning, and movie hopping among other things. I would come home from work and never know who was going to be in our house or where my roommates would be haha.
     So this got me started thinking about fun unusual things to do everyday and it's made my summer a lot more exciting and interesting than I had planned. I've been having tons of fun because I never know how my day's going to turn out. I lifeguard still during the day and teach swimming lessons in the mornings so when I leave my house at 8:30 in the morning, I never know when I'll be coming back so I pack my "suitcase" that has my guard uniform, sunscreen, shorts, tank top, shampoo, lotion, wallet, change of clothes, towel, a book and some snacks so I'm prepared for whatever. My parents can attest to the fact that I never seem to be home, I do work 10 hour days and don't get weekends off so most of the time I'm at the pool, but after work I never really know.
     Some YOLOs that I've done probably don't make sense to anybody else or may not seem that exciting, but sometime just doing normal things different gives you a new perspective or creates a memory that you wouldn't otherwise have :) Here have been a few of my YOLOs so far:
-Going to a street dance
-Playing in a sand volleyball tournament
-Going on a canoe ride at sunset
-Bridge jumping
-Running in the rain
-Running in crazy humidity
-Running in normal weather
-Brushing my teeth left handed
-Teaching little girls to swim like a mermaid
-Being in two state capitals in one day
-Coloring my hair for the first time (beside the pink strip)
-Watching the sunset one night only to stay up and watch it rise again :)
-Eating chocolate covered strawberries
-Doing the Jellyfish float 
-Swimming next to The Speedo Guy
-Wrecking two cars within a week
-Playing in a sand volleyball league I didn't sign up for...
-Eating the best French Fries in the world with one of my best friends
-Turning the volume all the way up and rolling down the windows driving on gravel roads
-Jamming out to Radioactive while driving on the interstate completely surrounded by lightning
-Eating Peanut-butter and Oreos

     This is only skimming the top and hopefully I'll be able to add a lot more. I only have 50 days left before I fly out to Hannover, Germany to begin a whole new adventure! If you have any good ideas for YOLOs let me know and maybe I won't wait so long to write my next post about one of them ;)

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